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This Exploring Session will take 30-40 minutes to help you get an overview of your situation and identify a precise objective.

Let’s talk through it during this online discussion!

What’s next ?

01. Check your email box

After receiving your reservation request, a welcome e-mail has been sent automatically to confirm your appointment.


02. Prepare your discussion subject

I invite you to think about these three questions before the appointment:
・What would be the best subject for discussion, in order to take the most advantage from this free session of 30-40 minutes?

・In the situation regarding your subject, what is your challenge?

・In order to overcome this challenge, what would you want to achieve at the end of this session?
It’s fine if you don’t have clear answers to these questions yet. We will clarify your situation together during the Exploring Session, in order to identify your objective for the next step.


03. Prepare a private space

Please reserve a space where you could talk about your subject with confidentiality, so that you will feel comfortable and benefit more from this experience !