Professional Coaching

Want to better navigate your corporate career, and be rewarded by your authentic identity?

Professional Coaching is a creative process in partnership, to help you become more mindful of your way of “being and doing” for better performance.

You will be able to find your best action plan, and become more autonomous to achieve your goals.

This is the best choice especially when you

➤ want to realize a meaningful professional ambition
➤ desire to make a change to re-energize your career
➤ want to improve leadership & working relationships

The Career Transformation is no miracle

It’s a process of self-discovery, a mindset shift,
and a strategy to make all efforts focused on your ultimate objective.


As your coach, I am your listener, mirror, supporter, partner for this journey.

I provide a proven effective system, so that you can focus on your goal and fully potentialize your capacity. I create an experience that would set up the possibility of change and transformation.

➭ How does Professional Coaching work ?

coaching focuses on the individual

Leadership, from expert manager to team manager, motivation, time management and priority, work-life balance…

coaching focuses on relationships

Hierarchical relationship, co-working relationship, client relationship, conflict management, effective communication…

coaching focuses on situations

New position on-board, organizational change, promotion preparation, career development, professional reorientation…

Book a free “Exploring Session”

The free “Exploring Session” via videoconference takes about 40 minutes.
This aims to provide an overview of what you want to work on and my approach to coaching. It will help you identify your objective, in order to decide whether and when to start your one-on-one coaching program.

regular price per session

Individual client: 120€/hour.
Company client: 150€/hour before tax. Please CONTACT ME for an invoice according to your needs.

Service in presence or over videoconference.

Hiring a coach to support you allows you to break the isolation and to take a step back, in order to advance more effectively!