Kyria Chun-yin DAGORNE

Professional Coach | Personal Branding Coach

Professional Background

Kyria was born in Taiwan and lives in Paris, France. People around her often say that she is an inspiring “dare-to-dream” soul, with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. This is likely due to her 15 years of professional experience across various domains such as finance, marketing and consulting, prior to becoming a Professional Coach.

As an expatriate, she worked at the headquarters of a big international group in Paris, and was in charged of brand development and global marketing strategies. She has also been the International Marketing Director in collaboration with French entrepreneurs and local boutiques. Over the years, she has worked in three languages: French, English, and Chinese. Business trips and working experiences with multicultural teams have greatly nourished her professional evolution. She understands how tough but crucial it can be for an international manager to FIND HIS/HER RIGHT PLACE in his/her professional environment.

Since one can develop a career through different paths, Kyria is convinced that it is more interesting to think about “who I am” rather than “what I do” when developing oneself professionally.

Therefore, her passion for luxury brand development shifted to “people-brand development” – Each person, born unique, can shine and contribute to the world with his/her professional achievements. When this person becomes fully aware of his/her unique identity, talents, values and motivations, he/she can find the right place and work at full capacity even in a complex and changing environment.

And embarking on her own journey, Kyria was driven towards the fascinating world of Personal Branding and was trained by Béatrice Cuvelier, the pioneer of Personal Branding in French-speaking countries.

Since 2014, she has mentored many students and young professionals towards achieving their academic, professional, and life goals. Later, she trained at École de Coaching Cegos in coaching methods such as NLP, Karpman, Diilts, positive psychology, etc. This training is accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation), the worldwide gold standard of professional coaching. Today, she is a member of the ICF, and practice the competencies, ethics and supervision guidelines required by this organization.

➭ Understand the coaching : methodology and modality

Kyria is also certified with 360BRAND Coach and Professional Image Consultant. For her, the Personal Branding philosophy “Being different, being authentic” reflects her values of authenticity and exploration in life. Therefore, she created « CMITM Coaching Method – Conscience (self awareness)”, “Marque personnelle (personal brand), and “Image professionnelle (professional image) ». She loves to see her clients become empowered and transformed through her coaching. Her unique expertise and diverse experiences make her the ideal coach for guiding her clients on the journey to achieve their full potential and create a new professional life that aligns with their true identity!

Member of
International Coaching Federation

The largest worldwide professional coaching organization, the gold standard of coaching practice.

Recommended Professional Coach by CAREhER

The community for working women to connect and grow in Asia Pacific.

360Brand Coach & member of

The pioneer of personal branding in French-speaking countries and the personal branding coach network in France.

My coaching values & philosophies


Walking alongside the client towards his/her objective for a predefined duration, with full attention and investment in his/her success.



Listening and supporting without judgement. Respecting the choices, pace, confidentiality, and life of the client.



Full confidence in the client and his/her own solution to become successful..



Empowering the client to become more autonomous and responsible for achieving his/her objectives. Thus, the client’s success stems from his/her own efforts, not that of the coach.

Book a free “Exploring Session”

The free “Exploring Session” via videoconference takes about 40 minutes. This aims to provide an overview of what you want to work on and my approach to coaching. You can benefit immediately:

✓ an initial analysis of your situation
✓ an evaluation of the most suitable program for you
✓ a precise objective and self-awareness for you to move on
✓ answers regarding your questions for my coaching practice – my ethics and values as a professional coach, methodologies, etc.