Turn your Authentic Identity into an extraordinary career.
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What if it were possible to… ?

At times, you may feel you have yet to be recognized for your true self — a person full of love for life and for the people around you. You are talented and find meaning in the sophistication of a simple life.

During the past years, you’ve become ultra-professional and resilient in a high-demanding professional world.

But over time, your unique talents and beautiful personality may have been overshadowed by the image of success. Yet you know you are more than a CV.

What if your Authentic Identity was no longer a weakness to hide, but an extraordinary characteristic that nourishes your life, professionally and personally?

The Career Transformation is no miracle.

It’s a process of self-discovery, a mindset shift,
and a strategy to make all efforts focused on your ultimate objective.

My coaching programs help you to:

○ get internal clarity about your subject
○ become mindfully aware of your situation
○ identify your clear objective
○ be inspired and creative to explore new horizons
○ develop your best strategy with action plan
○ gain confidence with a shift in mindset to achieve your goal

In each session, you will creatively advance towards your unique objective.
As your Coach, I am your listener, mirror, supporter and partner for this journey.

Get immediate clarity on your subject and identify your objective.

Hi, I’m Kyria,
a « dare to dream » Professional Coach.

Born in Taiwan and working in France, I am a certified Professional Coach (ICF, PCC) who knows the “down to earth” side of challenges in multicultural companies, through years of international career across finance, marketing, and consulting. Passionate about supporting international professionals, I help them overcome their obstacles and deliver performance while releasing all their potentials. I’m obsessed with setting up the process that can turn a creative idea into a beautiful realization — small details can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

I feel extremely rewarded seeing my clients create a fulfilling career with purpose, by leveraging their unique talents, professional skills, and years of experience. Beyond these visible assets, their AUTHENTIC IDENTITY makes each of them truly extraordinary.

Certified Professional Coach

Certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation), the largest worldwide professional coaching organization, the gold standard of coaching practice.

Process Communication Model Coach

Certified in Process Communication Model®, the N°1 tool to decode communication behavior and interactions in relationships.

Certified Professional Trainer

“Exercise training mission in companies” competency certified by CCI (Chamber of commerce and industry in France).

Professional Coach recommended by CAREhER

CAREhER, the professional community for working women to connect and grow in Asia Pacific.

Book a free “Exploring Session”

The free “Exploring Session” via videoconference takes about 40 minutes. This aims to provide an overview of what you want to work on and my approach to coaching. You can benefit immediately:

✓ an initial analysis of your situation
✓ an evaluation of the most suitable program for you
✓ a precise objective and self-awareness for you to move on
✓ answers regarding your questions for my coaching practice – my ethics and values as a professional coach, methodologies, etc.

Sollène L.

Team Manager in Business Development, France

Kyria’s coaching is a touch of warm Spring sunshine to get out of Winter. Kyria coached me for 6 months during her certification. She is very attentive and perceives key elements of the feelings of other people, with an emotional intelligence rarely seen. 100% beneficial effects to boost self-confidence and to set the course. (translated from French)

Viola L.

IT sector, United States

Thank you for your support since last year! It helped me a lot! In the past, I used to look for a solution by myself on the career path. I am very grateful to have your coaching at this important moment. I become more motivated and confident facing the challenges of an uncertain future. (translated from Mandarin)

Anouck R.

Team Manager in Business Development, France

Thank you Kyria for your coaching, your caring and attentive presence, and the mirror you hold out to me: a little serious with a hint of humor. Our sessions allow me to evolve in my thoughts, and to take a step back. I feel more serene each time. So thank you wholeheartedly and look forward to the next one! (translated from French)

Ryan L.

E-commerce sector, France

Kyria’s coaching effectively helped me regain my confidence. From the big objective to the small objective, this coaching let me think through my future with a long term vision. (translated from Mandarin)

Cindy Y.

UX design sector, UK

The conversation with Kyria clarified the core reason of my problem. I practiced my communication during the session and was suddenly enlightened! Before this coaching, I often feel lost in my professional environment. Now I become more confident to confront my difficulties at work. (translated from Mandarin)

Adelaide H.

Project Manager in Marketing, France

The coaching with Kyria was very effective. I suddenly realized what I really wanted and what I should let go. Then, I was able to achieve my objective. (translated from Mandarin)

Barbara N.

Legal sector, France

I appreciate particularly Kyria’s patience. She encouraged me a lot to take advantage of my skills and know-how. In this way, I started to gain back my self-confidence, after several years of career interruption. I recommend Kyria as a professional coach. (translated from French)

Megan W.

E-commerce sector, Singapore

Kyria is a great coach, professional and warm. She helped me sort out my thoughts and goals. I sincerely recommend her. (translated from Mandarin).

Yu-wen H.

Digital startup, Netherlands

Thanks Kyria for helping me clarify my goals, which not only inspired my self-awareness, but also made my plan clearer towards the next step. Kyria is also an experienced professional and warm person. (translated from Mandarin)

Michelle L.

Director in E-commerce sector, France

I really appreciate your support during past months. This coaching helped me a lot! (Translated from French)

Ciao C.

Human resource sector, France

Thanks to Kyria’s coaching during 6 months, I was able to see my hidden competencies.. Kyria didn’t give answers directly, but she helped me think independently by her questions. So I found a new vision regarding my situation and people around me. (translated from Mandarin)

Cindy S.

IT sector, Taiwan

I recommend this coaching to those who are facing challenges at work. At the beginning, I was uncertain if coaching could help me change in only six months. But finally, I was able to find my confidence, communicate with a clear direction at work, and even have a more strategic vision! Kyria didn’t tell me what to do directly during her coaching. But she helped me think about my real objectif, my situation and the impacts. I was able to find my own answer that is applicable at work. (translated from Mandarin)