The coaching method
that focuses on the alignment of 3 identities

Our coaching programs focus on the alignment of the 3 identities of an individual, to help him/her exploit his/her personality and skillets and develop competencies while balancing the professional performance and well-being.

Internal identity: represented by one’s personality, talents, values, culture…

Manifested identity: elaborated by one’s learning, competencies, accomplishments…

Recognized identity: transmitted by one’s image, professional title, cv, relationships…

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CMI™ Coaching Method

The CMI™ Coaching Method – prise de Conscience (self awareness), Marque personnelle (personal brand), and Image professionnelle (professional image) – is created by Reinventing Carrière Coaching and is dedicated to those who want to succeed a unique and international career in the fast-changing globalization trend. This method works via 3 approaches of accompaniment, personalized according to clients’ objectif.

Professional Coaching : A creative supporting accompaniment on professional subjects, in favor of self-awareness and mindfulness of the situation. It’s a co-creation process that helps the clients become autonome and responsible to achieve their objectif through their own action plan.

Personal Branding Strategy : A strategical accompaniment of discovering and enriching one’s “Personal Brand” – the art of living the differentiation and self-alignment – and of forming a new strategy for a fulfilling life. It is a transformative journey which helps the clients realize their dream project and create a new life.

Professional Image Management : An esthetic approach of valorizing one’s visual image through colorimetry and morphology technics, to build a stylish professional image that makes impact.


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The free “Exploring Session” via videoconference takes about 40 minutes. This aims to provide an overview of what you want to work on and my approach to coaching. You can benefit immediately:

✓ an initial analysis of your situation
✓ an evaluation of the most suitable program for you
✓ a precise objective and self-awareness for you to move on
✓answers regarding your questions for my coaching practice – my ethics and values as a professional coach, methodologies, etc.