Kyria Chun-yin DAGORNE

A multicultural professional coach

Professional Background

Born in Taiwan and working in France since 2011, Kyria is a certified professional coach who knows the “down to earth” side of challenges in multicultural companies, through years of international professional experiences across finance, marketing, and consulting. Passionate about supporting international professionals, she helps them overcome their obstacles and deliver their extraordinary performance through multilingual coaching programs (French, Chinese, English).

She had an international career as an expatriate manager working at the headquarters of L’ORÉAL in Paris. She has been the International Marketing Director in an SME, as well as an independent consultant on international organization and marketing cases. Thus, She understands how tough but crucial it can be for an international manager to find his/her right place in an international environment while ensuring his/her performance.

➭ Understand coaching: its methodology and modalities

Kyria is convinced that it is more interesting to think about “who I am” rather than “what I do” when seeking for a real personal change or developing oneself professionally.

Embarking on her journey of coaching, she has mentored collaborators assigned by L’ORÉAL’s mentoring program in 2009, and many young professionals in a voluntary organization in Paris. Her unique expertise and international experiences are the best assets in her coaching for guiding her clients towards international success.

Certified Professional Coach

Certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation), the largest worldwide professional coaching organization, the gold standard of coaching practice.

Process Communication Model Coach

Certified in Process Communication Model®, the N°1 tool to decode communication behavior and interactions in relationships.

Certified Professional Trainer

“Exercise training mission in companies” competency certified by CCI (Chamber of commerce and industry in France).

Professional Coach recommended by CAREhER

CAREhER, the professional community for working women to connect and grow in Asia Pacific.

My coaching values & philosophies


Walking alongside the client towards his/her objective for a predefined duration, with full attention and investment in his/her success.



Listening and supporting without judgement. Respecting the choices, pace, confidentiality, and life of the client.



Full confidence in the client and his/her own solution to become successful..



Empowering the client to become more autonomous and responsible for achieving his/her objectives. Thus, the client’s success stems from his/her own efforts, not that of the coach.

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